World Atrial Fibrillation Day


World AF Day is held on the second Saturday of September every year. On this day, we work together with numerous cities internationally to plan events that bring attention to the prevalence of AF in society and its potential impact on patient and family quality of life. These events include educational talks and fundraising activities to benefit investigator initiated research for the treatment and management of AF. We focus not only on diagnostic treatment and tools, but also on alternate forms of AF management such as yoga and lifestyle changes.

World AF Day is an opportunity for patients to learn the facts about AF and use this knowledge to make educated healthcare choices for themselves and their loved ones. Scientific advances have been made in the treatment of AF, and much more is understood about the condition than was known even a decade ago. Despite these advances, many people are still unaware of AF and the management options that are available. World AF Day is an important time to promote awareness and improve education globally. In 2012, World AF Day will take place on September 8th. Cities around the world will participate by organizing their own World AF Day Yoga and Run, consisting of a yoga session followed by 5k and 10k runs. You can show your support by sponsoring, participating in, or volunteering at the World AF Day Yoga and Run in your city. For more information on how to get involved visit.

Past Events

Kansas City Race Day, September 8th, 2012

Kansas City held its first annual World Afib Awareness Race Day at Shawnee Mission Park. The event integrated morning yoga sessions as well as an afternoon run/walk. Patients, physicians, industry sponsors, family and friends united in order to promote healthy lifestyles and support those with Afib.